Mark DuBois - World Renowned Lyric Tenor
Autumn Splendour

By Sybille Forster-Rentmeister
Echo Germanica

One weekend in October we managed to catch up with one of our favourite tenors, Mark DuBois. In the newly refurbished town hall of his Hockley Valley community he delivered a spirited concert to a busload of older people, who had come out to see him and the still glorious colours of fall.

Mark DuBois
up close and personal

The songs he chose to deliver were thoughtfully chosen for a mature audience, and aimed to please with reminiscences. There was truly something for everyone: Autumn Leaves, You Raise Me Up, The White Cliffs Of Dover and many other terrific arias and songs, including the Brahms Lullaby sung by his young daughter Elisabeth.

For laughs he delivered Novello’s "And her mother came too", as well as a rendition of his famous tenor persiflage, you know, about the one with the big handkerchief. Well, let it be known that he sounds as good as Pavarotti to us, and we admit, his handkerchief is truly bigger!

His special guest star was Kelly Walker, a former Dominican monk. His inspirational songs and stories were most welcome by the audience, and his banter with the tenor was funny fare indeed.

Karen Moore accompanied Mr. DuBois for a song or two and received flowers for her efforts, as is customary in the world of music.

After rousing and appreciative applause the audience was treated to lovely country baking and coffee, before everyone got motorized to go home again and appreciate, perhaps for the last time the glorious colours only our Canadian fall can produce.

This quaint venue should be the home of regular intimate recitals and variety programs.

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